Drop That Lube and Get Waxed!

//Drop That Lube and Get Waxed!

Drop That Lube and Get Waxed!

Morphine Cycles in Granbury, Texas is now offering immersion wax! This type of wax service is serves the same purpose as an oil or dry wax – for lubrication. And lubrication is a necessity for your drivetrain’s life. Studies have consistently shown wax-based lubricants to be most efficient – reducing wear, friction, and corrosion, while also creating a waterproof barrier.

Unlike water-based lubes, waxing prevents contaminants from sticking to the chain, resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting drivetrain! The initial setup may take a bit more time than oil lube but is completely worth it by extending the time between lubes and the overall life of your components.

This wax service is a no-brainer if you want the longest-lasting lube for your rides, save money by reducing your drivetrain wear, or a racer/performance rider that wants the fastest lube. Studies show that bikes with imersion wax lube actually loose less watts to friction. The parts last longer and if you let us do this you can ride for 200 to 250 miles without having to re-lubricate the chain.

Come by or give us a call at 682-273-0592 to try our newest service!